Education & ScienceEveryone knows how vital training is in helping our youngsters attain their potential. Graduation for my college is coming up this Sunday. Climate allowing, the students will walk throughout that very same stage within the picture above, surrounded by one hundred fifty years of history and underneath a canopy of cool inexperienced. After they get their diplomas, they will disperse, run to their families, walk out into the world. They’ll by no means be together like this once more. I will never see a few of them ever again. And in three months or so, I am going to begin over once more from scratch.

Attire. As much as I dislike cheesy instructor clothes (i.e. applique leaf sweaters, snowmen vests), it’s generally more acceptable than clothing that is too tight and/or too revealing. As a 30 something female, I really feel like a prude talking about how inappropriately so many young folks gown, however I’m steadily embarrassed for all 20 and early 30 somethings once I see what other people my age regularly wear to work. What you want to wear out on the weekends to a club is not okay to wear when educating.

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