There are many benefits of using apps to monitor student progress. Regular assessment provides teachers with valuable information on the student achievements and academic development. Moreover, teachers can use apps found in sites such as to assess and reflect on the impact of their teaching strategies. Here are four benefits of monitoring student progress with mobile-powered apps.

Improved Instructional Strategies

Student assessment provides an opportunity for teachers to evaluate the effectiveness of their instructional strategies. The delivery method may be having an issue if the entire class can’t comprehend a concept that a teacher taught. Teachers can use apps such as ClassDojo to assess the effectiveness of their teaching strategies. These apps let a teacher collect a sample of post and pre-tests, which they can use to adjust delivery techniques. With these apps, it’s easier to tell the time to reteach a specific concept. Ongoing student monitoring makes it easier for teachers to change their teaching styles and make more informed decisions.

Identify Students at Risk

Teachers can use learning apps to provide intervention to students at risk. Learning apps let teachers track the performance of the entire class. Moreover, teachers can use these apps to provide additional support and instruction to slow-learners. It’s also easier to identify areas that need to be retaught using student monitoring apps. Continuous monitoring of student progress ensures no one slips through the gap. Teachers can also use mobile technology to identify students that require more extensive and challenging tasks.

Analyze the Performance of Every Student

It’s easier to analyze the performance level of every student with student monitoring apps. As such, teachers can help students achieve their academic goals. In fact, teachers can collect samples of work and assessments using learning apps and use them to help students establish achievable learning goals. With tablets and smartphone apps, teachers can set progress rate for each student and provide intervention when required. Furthermore, teachers can use the collected work samples and assessment to provide students with feedback. Teachers’ feedback makes students more responsible for their studies and enables them to track their academic performance.

Collection of Actionable Insights

One of the ways to gather actionable insights regarding student performance is to collect their sample of work and carry out regular assessments. Teachers use that data to monitor the performance progress of students across a range of learning fields. It can also be used to track student achievement throughout the year. Teachers can also use this data to assess the performance of a student based on targeted benchmarks and individual learning goals. In fact, school administrations are using students’ data to monitor the academic progress of the school. Work samples and assessments collected from classrooms can be displayed on the school data walls to make the entire school responsible for monitoring its progress. Monitoring student progress is one of the challenges faced by teachers today. However, teachers are using Android and iPad apps to record behavioral information of a student and offer intervention when needed.

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