Learn Electrical Engineering


Electrical engineers invent, improve, maintain and fix modern electrical devices. In the modern world, there are many different subfields of electrical engineering including power, telecommunications, control and electronics.

Witout the work of electrical engineers such as Nikola Tesla, Oliver Heavsider and others we would not have electrical power running in our homes, modern manufacturing to make products for cheap or personal computers that we can't imagine living without. Electrical engineers have not lost their importance. Nowadays, you can see them working in companies like SpaceX where they build reusable rockets that will take us to Mars and Google where they work on building self-driving cars. From keeping lights on in our homes to developing state-of-the-art technology, there is a need for electrical engineers.

There are many reasons people decide to learn electrical engineering.

1. Great Job Opportunities

Engineering is one of the highest paid professions and engineers enjoy a high rate of employemnt.

Relevant Labor Data

2. Understand Technology

Many people study electrical engineering as a hobby and use their knowledge to make cool, DIY projects.

3. Make Awesome Stuff

Knowing EE allows you to build and hack cool stuff.

DIY Electronic Projects

1. Introduction to Analogue Electronics

More coming soon!